Whether it's a simplified annual report or a comprehensive annual report, we make sure it’s accurate.

There are many factors to consider to make sure your financial statements are accurate, whether you have to prepare a simple annual statement or a full annual report. With us, you have a personal advisor who has expert knowledge in accounting and can help you achieve your goals, Besides compiling your financial statements based on your existing accounting, we also help you with closing transactions, adjusting and placing any profit, and determining how much to distribute to the company’s owners. If you need specific tax advice related to your financial statements, of course, we will help with that too.

Financial Reporting Services Offered

Shrink Consulting offers a complete range of financial reporting and analysis services. We prepare an accurate financial report that reflects the financial condition of a firm. Some of the financial reporting services are as below –

Why is Outsourcing Financial Reporting Service beneficial?

Financial Reporting encompasses the collection, analysis, summarisation, and presentation of the financial health of a business. Outsourcing your Financial Reporting Services will help you in the following manner –

Let’s take a look at what’s going on with us.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll find a wealth of financial tips and advice in our Entrepreneur blog as well as other timely topics.

Two tips for your financial statements


Track the numbers using a sample financial statement.

In addition to annual accounts, many entrepreneurs want to have their numbers in hand well before the end of a financial year. We appreciate our trial financial statement service, which provides both a forecast of the company’s profit as well as an analysis of your company’s tax position. This gives you a very good basis for making decisions well before the close of a financial year, such as if you’re considering investing in a new product or service. Successful entrepreneurs have their numbers with them all the time, and they manage the business accordingly.


Do a health check of the company's finances

The financial statements aren’t just a record of last year’s performance – they’re a roadmap for building an even stronger, more profitable business in the years ahead. We’ll review your past year’s profitability and provide you with an action plan to boost revenue and reduce expenses and a clearer goal for the future.

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You will receive a refund if, as a partner, we don’t live up to your expectations. For us, nothing matters more than our clients’ satisfaction. We have an average customer satisfaction rating of 9/10*, therefore we are certain that you will be happy working with us as your financial partner as well.. Should our service not match your expectations, you may discontinue the partnership with us within the first 30 days from signing the contract and get back the cost of the ongoing accounting**.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    With the help of shrinkConsulting, you’ll be able to stay on top of key deadlines for your financial statements, such as submission dates and internal review deadlines. With our help, you will have a clear timeline to meet regulatory compliance and maintain financial visibility.

    Here’s a comprehensive list of materials you’ll need for your financial statements. From balance sheets and income statements to cash flow statements and supporting documents, we’ve got you covered. At shrinkConsulting, we work with you every step of the way to make sure your financial statements are as accurate and timely as possible.

    The main advantages of hiring a financial management agency include expert guidance on financial planning, analysis, and decision-making, access to specialized knowledge and resources, improved financial efficiency and effectiveness, enhanced regulatory compliance, and freeing up time for business owners to focus on core operations.

    Yes, when you sign up for financial management services from ShrinkConsulting, you’ll be assigned a personal financial advisor. A personal financial advisor works closely with you to get to the bottom of your financial goals, offer personalized advice, and help you make informed decisions to improve your financial wellness and success.

    If you already have a pre-financing system in place, we can seamlessly integrate with your current system. Our team will review your current processes, make suggestions for improvement, and customize our services to fit and improve your financial management processes.

    Yes, all financial advisors at ShrinkCosulting are licensed professionals with years of experience in financial management. We train our advisors and keep them up to date on industry standards and best practices to provide our clients with the best service and compliance.

    No, you do not need to install any particular financial software to take advantage of our financial management solutions. We use cutting-edge financial software and services to analyze and control your finances efficiently. We will work closely with you to customize our solutions to meet your specific needs and preferences to ensure smooth integration and best-in-class results.